Does this BLOG Make me Look FAT?

May 7, 2017

I have lapsed with my blog, so I am going to begin again. I may write a sentence, or a paragraph, or several. But I will do it with regularity. This is my intention. I have so much to say on Facebook. I would like to put some of that energy here, on my website.

I am working in Tahoe this week, with Carrie (Snow), at The Improv. We're having such a fun time. We're here with TJ and Chappy, and they're being so good. But...

January 10, 2016


Look, I know that the world is a mess right now. And the political system in our country is appalling. The fact that this cast of characters in the Republican party have been able to gain the kind of momentum they have and be taken at all seriously is mind-bending.


But here's what's bothering me today: My hair. 


I know you have all heard your fill of what you consider from me to be a neurotic obsession. But, please,...

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