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I have been staying off of electronic media to a great degree during our trip to Yosemite. But I want to post briefly here.The last time I was in Yosemite was in the Summer of '65, when I was 10. Now I'm here with Milan, just the two of us. She's 10 now, which is, in itself, poetic.

This is our first trip together. Yes, our first! We have not been able to vacation over the years, and I love to travel. That has made me sad.

So, when Spring Break was imminent, about a month ago, I decided that we were going to go somewhere. I don't remember what made me think of Yosemite. Maybe the fact that we could drive there, that it's a great time of year to visit, that it's not an expensive destination (or doesn't have to be). Can't remember. It's all those things, and more.

The Summer of '65 was the best Summer of my lifetime. No matter what my parents did or didn't do as parents, they did this, and they did it gangbusters. (When I get home, I will post the original itinerary, which I recently found in a box of photos).I will try to tell you how it fills my heart to bursting to see Milan having such a great time, to be sharing this adventure with her, to be learning alongside of her, to laugh with her, listen to her, express myself to her, exchange feelings and thoughts. It is incomparable.

I became a mom at 48.

How lucky am I?

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