I got an email the other day that said I had a commercial audition the following day. The character was a daytime TV judge, like Judge Judy. And in the breakdown, it said:

“ - if you have something that would work as a judge's robe, please bring it!”

This is just another one of the indignities afforded to us actors. I’ve run into this many times. “Please bring your own mop!”

Really? You can’t invest in a fucking mop for your casting session? We are trying to make a living here, and the last thing we need to do is start buying props on the off chance that you’re going to cast us from one of your cattle-calls. (Sorry, cows. No offense meant).

“Actor to play Jesus. Please bring your own crown of thorns.”

I love acting. I love going inside and becoming vulnerable in order to fully explore and depict the human experience. But this stuff is bullshit.

P.S. - One actor showed up wearing a judge's robe. Plea to fellow actors: Don't encourage them.