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A new intention

I have lapsed with my blog, so I am going to begin again. I may write a sentence, or a paragraph, or several. But I will do it with regularity. This is my intention. I have so much to say on Facebook. I would like to put some of that energy here, on my website.

I am working in Tahoe this week, with Carrie (Snow), at The Improv. We're having such a fun time. We're here with TJ and Chappy, and they're being so good. But TJ does this thing, when the car stops, he has this piercing bark that won't stop. Carrie brought ear plugs specifically for that. Oy vey!

That is the only drawback. Everything else has been great. Howie, most of the shows have been fun, and there is no place more beautiful than Lake Tahoe. C'est belle. Et Macron est president! Vive la France!

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