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I can't turn off the news!!

Today, in particular, with trump having shared classified intel with Russia, I am riveted. It turns out that this intel was Israel's. Israel has said that it is fine with it. Right. What are they going to say? One thing about Israel, the operate with extreme finesse, exactly 180º from where dummy trump operates. The guy has all the grace of a hippopotamus with all four legs in hard casts.

I predict that Israel will not be sharing much at all with trump. Let's see what happens when he visits there.

Of course, the ultra-orthodox are going to LOVE him. They practice the same level of misogyny that he does. He will thoroughly enjoy being at the part of Western Wall where women aren't allowed. (And they're still harassed where they are allowed. Isn't religion grand?)

Oh my god. I just read this headline. "Trump Asked Comey to End Flynn Inquiry." He wanted to stop the proceedings so that it didn't come around to him! Holy fuck!

Jesus Christ! The hits do not stop coming!

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